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Value streams are representations of value flows within an OVN. These flows are dependent on the nature of the value system underlying the OVN. They usually describe how value is accrued within the system, from a simple form to a higher form as use value, exchange value (product or service), or social value.

The value stream ends with a point of consumption. This can be the market for a specific product or service, the network itself in the case of exchange value, or society at large, in the case of social value. It starts with an idea and gets built up by contributions.

The NRP-VAS uses different mechanisms to attach value to value streams in the form of contributions. This is done in an NRP process as

  • work contributions - use of time and skills
  • use - of space, equipment, etc.
  • consume - materials like glue, office supplies, etc.
  • cite - use of designs, protocols and methods, etc.

The value equation uses the value stream in order to redistribute benefits to points of origin of all contributions.

Value flows through and within the OVN by different processes:

  • involving the larger ecosystem
    • donations - flows in, can be grants, simple donations, etc.
    • exchanges - can flow in our out, purchases or sales
    • affiliations - new relations of collaboration or co-creation, where resources are shared
  • within the OVN
    • contributions - come from network affiliates and result in equity

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