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Bob says:

On roles: Tibi and I have had a number of discussions and disagreements about roles and what they mean.

Tibi describes it as an emergent property, based on an analysis of members' activities. But he also describes it as skills that can be given weights in a value equation. I understood the "skills for a value equation" part early on, and decided they were the same thing as work resource types, which have a clear and simple meaning in an REA ontology. I only later understood the emergent property definition. Work resource types as skills that have rates (e.g. weights) for a value equation work now in the value accounting software. Roles as emergent properties do not, and I do not know how they could work as a determinate part of a value equation, but that may be because I have limited imagination.

On quality of execution: I think this needs to be quality of outputs (results), rated by those who use the outputs. Not some subjective peer evaluation of "execution", whatever that means. The results are what count, and they are counted by their intended users.