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SENSORICA's Google-based value accounting system is a functional prototype used by SENSORICA members to experiment with value accounting. SENSORICA is now using a web-beed NRP and VAS, see github project.

The core of this first prototype of value accounting system prototype is built using Google spreadsheets that are stitched together with Google Scripts. Visuals can be created and be deployed on a website.

This value accounting infrastructure is good enough for a simple value network. One example would be a network of translators of documents. The value produced is translated text. A simple metrics can be used to measure value produced by every member: number of words translated. This quantity can be modulated by the type of translation: scientific, legal, literature, ... If you are interested please contact SENSORICA members for the templates and advice (free of any charge). The main architect of this prototype is Tibi.

External links

See SENSORICA Infrastructure page.

List of spreadsheets

The name of all the spreadsheets that are part of the infrastructure start with "SENSORICA Infrastructure"


Every one of these spreadsheets contains data about contributions, performs calculations on this data, and produces visuals.

The data sheet is open to the public for view. Only SENSORICA affiliates can edit it. Only affiliates that are active in infrastructure development have access to modify the calculations sheets. The calculations are transparent. Any SENSORICA affiliate can get access to edit these sheets if he asks for.


Every new affiliate is logged in the SENSORICA Infrastructure - Members list. This spreadsheet is closed to the public, because it contains the full name and email of all affiliates. All SENSORICA affiliates have access to it.

A new member is subscribed using a form associated with this spreadsheet. A script propagates new members information to all the other spreadsheets.


SENSORICA Infrastructure - Back Office Catalog contains a list of all activities recorded by members, a list of all SENSORICA projects and a sheet that captures the relationships between projects.

the SENSORICA Infrastructure - Reputation is a prototype of reputation system, never been used by SENSORICA affiliates.

The value equation

All the data is aggregated into one spreadsheet and crunched through the value equation. See an example for the Mosquito Project

A Program was also made to perform calculations on the value equation for all projects. See video on Youtube.

The system

This section describes how everything is stitched together using Google Scripts... more to come shortly