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Resources are things that people can create, use or exchange in processes. They are real, tangible, and can be valuable. Some resources have costs associated with them, costs for their creation, maintenance, storage, sharing, consumption, governance.

Resources can be material (tools and equipment, parts, comsumables, ...) or immaterial (designs, articles, methods, a website, ...). They can be tangible (a lab space, a piece of equipment, a document, a design, a website...) or intangible (brand, trust, social cohesion, social capital, culture, etc.). For more on how we can think about and categorize resources see Resource Type. See also commons and pool of shareables

How to think about Resources and Resource Types from the UDML perspective - see Ampie's doc

Governance of resources

Rules related to the use and sharing of materials. These rules depend on the resource type

See Physical resource governance

Resources can also be clustered into 2 main categories that require very different governance systems: Commons and Pool of shareables.

See SENSORICA's document

Resources in the NRP-CAS

Resources are the primary building blocks of the NRP-CAS, which is based on the REA ontology (resources, events, agents). They are grouped into Resource Types within the NRP-CAS. Furthermore, resources are listed in an inventory in the NRP-CAS. See the Inventory page for more.

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