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Different activities can be planned:

Projects are planned up to a certain point. We need to remain compatible with the open way of development, which is agile. There we need to strike the right balance between planning and emergence. Experience within SENSORICA shows that plans in projects always change, since the environment is very dynamic.

Manufacturing, or production is a more scripted activity, which can be better planned. The planning includes work that needs to be done, materials that need to be consumed or used, spaces, etc.

In relation to NRP-VAS

Plan projects

You can plan an open product development process or a project using a methodology designed by Tibi, Fernando and Lynn, with the help of Bob. This methodology has been formalized using Workflow recipes. See more on the Recipe page.

A Resource type list can also be used to plan tasks and even projects. The difference between a Workflow recipe and a Resource Type list is that the first one has one deliverable or output and the second one can have many outputs. There is a way to create other deliverables in Workflow recipes. Both planning methods don't support cycles as in agile development. Cycles are there and one can still use the tools in the NRP to work around that problem. Ask Bob, Lynn and Tibi for more.

To plan a project just go to the Plan Work Order Using Recipe. You can get there from the Demand page.

Individual planning

Individuals can plan their daily activities using the ToDo tool in the NRP-VAS.

Planning production

Manufacturing uses a manufacturing Recipe. These activities are more scripted.

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