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Nondominium is a legal framework to accommodate the voluntary registration of productive resources, the value added to them and by using them, and the outputs resulting from their use and modification, whereby all ownership rights in those resources, value added and outputs are transferred to a Custodian established for that purpose. The Custodian in return, acts in accordance with the Custodian Agreement, which is comprised of a Charter, a Value Equation (VE) and Governance Equation (GE), to return a subset of the use rights to the members in proportions determined by the Agreement using the ongoing value registered by members in real time. The members agree, by signing the Custodian Agreement, to register all value added to the Nondominium as well as all valuable outputs resulting from use of the Nondominium. Membership in a Nondominium is open to anyone willing to sign the Custodian Agreement.

See more on the original document written by Kurt Laitner.

Nondominium for shared digital assets

The Bitcoin Network: is an open (permissionless), transparent organization that no one owns. In fact, it is impossible to apply private property to the entire network. It is also important to note that there are no mechanisms to gain possession of the network without distroying the network. Also, private property operates within the network: minors own their computers. But no independent minor can offer the Bitcoin service. The Bitcoin service is an emergent property of multiple minors sharing the same protocol. This emergent feature is a nondominium type of property.

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