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Open Value Network (OVN) is an approach to commons-based peer production. It allows individuals and organizations to

  • co-create and aggregate value through lateral and large scale coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • to serve as a responsible steward of commonly held wealth and assets
  • to account for various inputs and outcomes in a common ledger system
  • distribute value equitably and intentionally within and beyond the network
  • and to share returns amongst contributors, in proportion to their contributions.

The open value network model relies on p2p principles of co-production, self-organization, and stewardship of commons.

  • peer production - the collaborative production of surplus value by means of common and contributed assets;
  • peer governance - direction and accountability by the community of producers themselves, not by market allocation or corporate hierarchy;
  • peer property - the use-value of property is accessible on a collective trust basis through new modes of ownership which are not exclusive, while recognizing individual authorship or title where appropriate.

An OVN is a general model that can be implemented under different forms, adapted to specific contexts.

Intention: to allow everyone to join and create value together in an open environment in order to enable mass-customization that will have a higher value than mass-production. (Economies of scope vs. economies of scale)

equipotentiality, anti-credentialism, self-selection, communal validation, and holoptism

Open Value Network infrastructure funding initiative


[edit] Background

The model was first proposed, developed and implemented by SENSORICA affiliates. SENSORICA was created in February 2011. Initially, the model evolved from the Discovery Network model proposed by Tibi in 2009-2010. Between 2011 and 2012, the model drew from the work of Verna Allee, Yochai Benkler, Michel Bauwens, Clay Shirky, and others. After the summer of 2012, the value accounting and distributed resource management system was influenced by Bob Haugen who has been working in this area since 1995. Other organizations adopted the OVN model, like

Since May 2013, Yasir has been working on a framework for Open-value network in collaboration with some of the members of the Sensorica community. Moreover, this OVN model is adapted by the Open-alliance, which is a network of open-source and open-value networks (network of network). Simply, Open-alliance is a local physical and virtual incubator for open-source projects and open-value network in Montreal that interfaces with local institutions to create a local value based ecosystem.

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