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First published on April 10, 2012, edited by Tiberius Brastaviceanu. See original doc, last modified on April 10, 2012 before content was moved here. If you contribute to this doc make sure you respect Content rules.

This document explains the individual profile that will be used by contributors to a value network. It is an important module of the Infrastructure of value networks.


Preliminary considerations

The individual profile is a portable socio-economic profile under the control of individuals, seen as contributing members of society.

As opposed to a Facebook profile, most of the individual profile is under the control of the individual. It is conceived along the philosophy put forward by Diaspora.

The individual profile contains all the pertinent information for an individual, characterizing this individual’s role in society. Among other things, it encapsulates the value this individual has produced, the potential of the individual, his reputation and the different roles the individual plays.

The individual has write access to some portions of his profile, but some parts are protected. The value, role, and reputation systems in value networks have write access to individual profiles of active members. Members CANNOT modify this data.

The individual profile is designed to interface with value networks. The individual can participate in more than one value networks simultaneously. It enables the individual to transport his reputation from one cluster of economic activities (one value network or other) to another.

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Individual profile implemented by SENSORICA

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