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What are the core (implicit and explicit) values within a stable and growing peer production community?

Get inspired from SENSORICA's original doc

...building from some original ideas there:

  • representation
  1. proactive transparency
  2. diverse perspective
  • receptiveness
  1. open innovation
  2. local basis, with permeable boundaries
  3. individual autonomy rather than institutions
  • responsiveness
  1. agility, adaptability
  2. eliminate power relations, rely on value-based relations
  3. self-organization relying on a feedback system and voluntary subordination
  • recognition
  1. citation of adopted work
  2. accreditation for training
  3. reputation stakeholding
  • reification
  1. dogfood
  • replicability
  1. Encourage sharing
  2. Sustainability
  • reliability
  1. Ethics
  2. product is purpose
  3. visible patterns
  • reciprocation
  1. Fair reward system based on real contribution
  2. Foster collaboration rather than competition