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Customer Relation Management (CRM)

We are starting to design this tool. We are exploring existing examples, and trying to understand how to integrate this system into our VN infrastructure.


  1. Features:
    1. at least all the data entries on this spreadsheet,
    2. being able to see all the client names on the same page, and sort them by area, or due date, or any entry. This is where I see a big advantage for spreadsheets compared to the online tools I tested.
    3. have automatic reminders for follow-up. If the first person in charge doesn't answer after a determined time, who's the second person in charge, the third, etc...
    4. document the meetings with customers and automate this reporting (maybe with the use of pull-down menus per example: was she/he friendly, why, did she/he liked the product, the brochure, the slideshow, did the demo went well, how long was the demo, what questions they asked, does she/he has money, what type of funding, what can we improve in particular and in general ?
    5. relate the CRM to the supply and demand and value sharing modules of the VAS
  2. metrics:
    1. how many emails we have to send for one answer
    2. what type of answer (negative or positive, leading to another contact or not)
    3. how many phone calls, cold calls or not, how much time to spend to have a sale
    4. total cost per sale

Evaluate the links below

You can find some of these links and more on SENSORICA Diigo, tag CRM and also in the article 12 solutions de CRM open source pour les entreprises in french but links go to project pages in englis.

Open the evaluation Spreadsheet created by Sophie to leave comments. Sensorica affiliates have automatic edit access. If you don't have you can ask for it.

Hosted / SAAS / Google Apps integration:

    • not open source,
    • free for up to 3 users
    • good reviews
    • Integrates with GMail / Google Apps
  • Nutshell
    • 10$/user/month
    • Google apps integration, API,
    • Simple (for inspiration should we decide to develop our own)


  • ERP5 -
    • ERP5 is a full featured ERP including customer relationship management (CRM), production management (MRP), supply chain management (SCM), product design management (PDM), accounting, human resources and e-commerce.
    • Complete, Mature, active, Open Source, web based
    • Python / Zope code base
    • Probably (too) complex
  • OpenCRM
    • V7 to launch in a couple of days.


This - "some of the big holes in the CiviCRM feature set / ecosystem. An extended discussion about a CiviCRM SAAS that failed. _Sophie: Seems more targeted to non profit for fundraising_