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We are organizing a funding campaign for Open Value Network Infrastructure (OVNi) development. In the spirit of the OVN model and of peer production, we want to keep this project open (to participation), and to allocate the funds to participants using a value accounting system.

One important principle is to preserve the diversity within the pool of participants. This project is not a melting pot. All the participants pursue their own goals while participating in this common project of creating infrastructure for commons-based peer production.

Funding proposals and crowdfunding campaigns are produced in collaboration. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. how you can contribute to the OVNI project
  2. how this project helps you (individual or organization) to advance your own agenda

The project has multiple possible outcomes:

  • the project itself - advancing OVNi (valuable infrastructure for commons-based peer production),
  • every organization advances its own agenda in terms of software for p2p.

We all leverage our social capital and brand to get the funding. We all nurture the brand of 'open value network infrastructure' (OVNi).

Funding sources: crowdfunding, and other founding organizations. For the moment SENSORICA is hosting most of the documents Open page.

The project needs a Custodian to act as a recipient of the funds and to allocate the funds to participants according to the [value accounting system]. We have approached the P2P Foundation to take this role and they were seriously considering it. The Custodian would get a fixed % of the funding for the service it provides. The community would have the power to replace the Custodian based on some predefined group decision mechanism.

Later, we developed a relationship with Jaime Arredondo, co-founder of Oslantis, which is a new crowdfunding platform that can also assume the role of Custodian. Jaime helped us shapping the campaign.

In July 2015 SENSORICA has a discussion with Kickstarter, which offered support for crowdfunding OVNi. Soon after, Goteo offered us support to crowdfund OVNi.

Bob, Tibi and Lynn agreed to create a spreadsheet+form to log contributions to the crowdfunding campaign. If you adhere to this log your work using THIS form</big>.

Contributions to the project are peer-evaluated against a general layout of the entire infrastructure, which will evolve in time with input from the entire community. [ATTENTION: need the community to sanction on this one!]. A few of us are already building this project layout or map.

The project needs a conflict management and resolution system. [ATTENTION: this needs to be built and attached to the legal framework]

The funds are allocated as value is created. In other words, for every module that needs to be developed, we will define milestones with clear deliverables. When something is delivered the funds are released. In order to speed up payment, we can break projects into smaller tasks that have easy to achieve deliverables. This can allow someone to get paid in less than a month.

Keeping the project open means that all future members of the project (organizations or individuals) will have the same rights as the founding members.

Once the first round of funding is complete we'll have reached a new stage of development, and should think about the next funding round, based on some overall achievement that can constitute a milestone in the overall project.

Rewarding the fundraising team: Once a fund is delivered by the fundraising team (an open team) a % of the fund will immediately go to the fundraising team and they share it as they decide. The rest goes to infrastructure development.

ANNOUNCEMENT [Sept 23, 2013]: Fundraising team. See discussion on Open Value Network G+ community. Do you want to be part of it? [July 30, 2015]: we are rebuilding a fundraising team and this crowdfunding is reinviorated.

Important links

Other pages on this wiki

Important discussions

Active OVNi Metamaps

Other spaces

Initial members

NOTE: if you are interested in participating add your name and a list of roles you think you can play. This project is open!

We strongly suggest you to get involved in the governance of this project. Go to our Google + Open Value Network community forum.


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  • We can act as a testing ground for value accounting within our organization itself, alongside SENSORICA- to understand application in a different community. Its going to be important to test any value accounting tool across multiple domains of use - if only to understand its scope and limitations. We can engage in conversation about how our organization might use the current ValNet software, what issues/features/limitations/etc exist, and help evaluate how it might be applied in a different context. I see this as important in relation to the scalability of the OVN system.
  • As part of our focus is heavily on the experience design of these tools, we could explore how we might represent the data within VAS visually, and provide alternative/diverse interface for engaging with the data. This maps to this representation of the ValNet work: Sort of explore providing an interface to get insights about the participants and the flows within the network to understand pattern recognition, etc. Some work that Connor has recently been doing (will be released in the next few days) will, I believe, show a way forward that might be particularly relevant to understanding dynamics within a community, organization.
  • We will continue our core work on a generalized tool that accommodates diverse data schemas, emergent ontology generation and rich media visualization. This has the potential to act as not just a collaborative, visual modeling interface, but a development interface that can spawn new interfaces on top of it.

Being a part of this project will advance our agenda in many ways:

  • building metamaps to be interoperable with other data sources, and build it with scope and context in mind
  • being able to make sure our backend can handle the complexity of the data schemas and ontologies and translate that to the interface in a meaningful way
  • there are things we want to do with metamaps to enable rich dynamic value flow visualizations that we are going to build whatever the case.
  • get much more applied in particular knowledge domains while benefiting from the domain expertise resident within the networks involved.
  • be working on the tools we need as a community - enhancing the bootstrapping capability of our own value network
  • be part of the conversation around defining a process to render value networks interoperable.
  • understand more deeply through the prototyping process how governance, value alignment, distribution and culture-building within the community
  • to support the evolution of our culture and mindset of value in regards to the p2p movement.
  • to continue to learn from all of you amazing individuals.



  • help with the operating model
  • documentation

Bob & Lynn


  • Bob: programming
  • Lynn: programming, analysis and design

Creating together, with anybody else who wants to participate:

  • REA-based value accounting software, aka OVN-OS (Open Value Network Operating System):
  • Current features (as of September 2013):
    • Three-level Resource-Event-Agent model
    • Product recipes (how to make them, required for Open Source Hardware)
    • NRP (Network Resource Planning) like ERP but for Open Value Networks
    • Inventory including designs and ideas
    • Contribution logs, now including:
      • time contributions, and
      • value production, consumption, use and citation
    • Value (resource) flows
    • Coordination tools

To come:

  • Purchasing, including exchanges with other value networks
  • Financial and other resource contributions
  • Value equations defined by each network or project within a network to distribute income according to contributions
  • Value Streams (like activity streams, but with values)
  • Notification of value stream events
  • IFTT (If This Then That), Event-Condition-Action processors, both internally to a network and connected to the Web IFTT service

In collaboration with other networks and software projects:

  • Protocol for OVN internetworking
  • Protocols and APIs for interacting with the other software projects in the intended Open Value Network Infrastructure suite

Kendra Initiative


  • Building OVN for media.