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OVNi stands for Open Value Network infrastructure.

Working definition of infrastructure - a coherent set of tools that support the healthy function of a beneficial system. The infrastructure integrates everything from supply chain to distribution and customer relationships management.

NOTE: we are exploring new p2p technology, blockchain and holochain, and we are constantly looking for individuals with skills in this field. Sensorica documents efforts for transition in THIS folder.

See other efforts: Provenance, Backfeed, Colony


History and development Spaces

Development of a framework for resource management, contribution accounting and project management on Value Network on Github. This has been forked to Sensorica/valuenetwork on Github. See Sensorica's NRP-CAS as an example.

In 2014 a collaborative effort for generalizing the NRP-CAS was created as the project OpenVocab, which later became valueflows, see on Githuband (the website). The valueflows project was moved during the summer of 2020 from GitHub to GitLab.

After the spring of 2014, a new group was formed mostly based in Europe to work on a OVN infrastructure based on semantic web and linked data. See OuiShare labs/Value Networks

After the summer of 2014 a new initiative between OVN developers and Enspiral started to work on a the third generation of the NRP-CAS. See OVN Sample Data on Github

In February 2019 Holo-REA was created as an effort to port the server-based NRP onto the Holochain p2p infrastructure. See on Github.

Other branches of the NRP There are now five versions of NRP:

  1. the original, which Sensorica is using now.
  2. the Freedom Coop fork, integrates Faircoin:
  3. the GoPacifia fork of the Freedom Coop fork
  4. django rea
  5. Chris Troutner's fork of the Sensorica version:
  6. Bob and Lynn fork of the Freedom Coop fork - development

The P2PValue project made a comprehensive study about commons-based peer production networks in order to extract basic, high level design requirements for IT infrastructure to support their activities. Their results came out in 2016. This project was followed by the p2pModels project.

Discussion groups

For old discussions, watch Sensorica meetings on Infrastructure see Sensorica's Youtube channel and search for "infrastructure meeting".


An open value network is modeled as a living system. Its infrastructure design emerges for optimal performance in terms of creativity, productivity, synchronicity, quality assurance, responsiveness, adaptability... and any other explicit objectives. The open value network must also respond to ethical requirements (see the Ethos page, see solidarity mechanisms).

The infrastructure of an OVN is mainly a flow infrastructure. It allows resources to be used in different contexts by network affiliates (agents), while taking into consideration different property rights of these resources, their respective use access rules, and the rules that govern the rewards after use. Network affiliates use resources in different contexts, called projects.

Maps of the Infrastructure


Able to support Network of Networks. See Sensorica's development work with the NOICE project to which we apply the idea of networks of networks.

List of modules

NOTE: the following tree representation is inadequate. Think of it as a list. All the components are mapped more precisely in the Maps above.

{March 25th, 2014} Bob has proposed the Stop and Rethink initiative on NRP-CAS. Open document {delete after initiative ends}

Infrastructure diagrame

About UX-UI


Concrete examples of infrastructures